Theophany Psuche Lalia Centre - Theatre Speakers

Theophany Psuche Lalia Centre
Theophany Psuche Lalia Centre Speaker
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Psuche (su-kay) means soul and Lalia means speech.

Our Psuche Lalia is designed to give the absolute best speech and all over centre speaker experience in any speaker of this size. Incorporating the same electronics as the Psuche Kardia main speakers the Lalia provides a smooth transition across the front of house sound stage and balances any theatre experience. 

With punch and dynamic energy through to accurate and smooth detail with the finese of a master musician the Psuche Lalia are an oustanding addition to any home theatre but are especially designed to match the the Psuche Theatre package. 

⊳ 4 ohms
⊳ 250watts RMS
⊳ 38hz - 37khz

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