Theophany Epiphany Tower Bookshelf - Bookshelf Speakers

Theophany Epiphany Tower Bookshelf
Theophany Epiphany Tower Bookshelf
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Main or Surround Speaker

Epiphany means a sudden or great revelation and Katharos means clean, pure, unstained. 

Our Epiphany range is definitely a revelation. The very first time we plugged them in we felt that way and it continues today. They are one of the most exciting speakers to demonstrate as they are so surprising in such a small package. 

Our wall hanging Katharos are designed to be mounted on a wall beside a TV panel, or in a cavity beside the TV panel. We can make them to any length up to 1600mm so can make speakers to match the exact height of your TV. 

The Wall Mounted Epiphany Katharos are an ideal and fantastic addition to any home. They are clean, detailed, open and inviting and more importantly very real. You will hear things in your favourite tracks that you have never heard before. Where they really do surprise though is the amount of tight punchy bass that they produce. 

⊳ 4 ohm
⊳ 130 watts RMS
⊳ Between 43hz and 55hz up to 25khz depending on the length required

Wall mount without Plinth $2399

Floor mount with Plinth $2499

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