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  • Theophany Epiphany Bookshelf B2
    Theophany Epiphany Bookshelf B2
    Theophany-Epiphany-Bookshelf B
    NZ$ 1,598.99
    NZ$ 1,390.43 excl GST
  • Theophany Psallo Tower Speakers
    Theophany Psallo Tower Speakers
    NZ$ 3,999.00
    NZ$ 3,477.39 excl GST
  • Theophany Pneuma Tower
    Theophany Pneuma Tower
    NZ$ 5,898.99
    NZ$ 5,129.56 excl GST
  • New
    Theophany Psuche Tower
    Theophany Psuche Kardia Main Speaker
    NZ$ 9,999.00 pair
    NZ$ 8,694.78 excl GST
  • Theophany Airo Tower
    Theophany Airo Tower
    NZ$ 14,998.99
    NZ$ 13,042.60 excl GST
  • Theophany Rhapsody Kardia Main
    Theophany Rhapsody Kardia Main Speaker
    NZ$ 17,250.00 pair
    NZ$ 15,000.00 excl GST

The Theophany Story

In 2002 after a short illness Garth Murray, the founder of Theophany Loudspeakers, was admitted to hospital with a very serious infection. One doctor later commented that Garth only had one or two hours to live. This culminated in a life changing event that has permanently affected his memory.  His former career in the aviation industry was no longer possible; in fact Garth was advised he would never work again so serious was the brain injury.
One of the side effects of this trauma was that he was having very vivid dreams; he would often wake as they were occurring. In one of these dreams Garth observed himself making a speaker. He saw the shape and dimensions of this speaker. As he was only on the verge of sleep when he saw this, he immediately got out of bed and wrote all of the details down. Over the next six months, with the help of his two eldest sons, he built the speakers. When tested by an independent company he was advised that they achieved audio results far beyond what was expected. A modern equivalent of this model is still being made today. They are called the Psuche Kathar and are still one of
Theophany’s favourite models. Even the name Theophany came to Garth in a dream. One in which he saw their award winning M5 model, as well as the name Theophany at the bottom of the speaker.
With the help and support of his wife Stephanie and their family, Theophany Loudspeakers has become a success story of amazing proportions. The speakers have been awarded on numerous occasions for their amazing abilities and beauty. The company has been awarded for its incredible business success. Garth and Stephanie have been celebrated by being asked to speak to many different groups including: national business leaders, long term unemployed, provincial sports teams, national business leaders and various social groups.
While this remarkable story leaves people astounded, it has not remained stationary, as Theophany continue to build upon their success. Following a dream with hard work and many hours of R&D has led to a range of speakers that connect at an emotional level that can change your life.