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This page is designed to assist Control4 customers with any known technology issues.  If you are experiancing any issues with devices connected to a Control4 Automation System we are here to help.  If you need any assistance please contact Dan on 021 977 595 or email (click here).

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  • Control4 C-Bus Driver 813 known issues
    If your Control4 site is running a C-Bus lighting system and is experiencing issues such as scene tracking failure, slow or missing commands or general sync issues please contact us. This can be resolved via remote connection which costs $30+gst to resolve by rolling back the drivers in Control4.
    Posted: Friday 9 December 2022
  • TuneIn Radio Stations Missing
    A change in the TuneIn Driver Software has caused Control4 systems to lose access to certain local stations eg: The Sound & MoreFM. This can be resolved remotely in all cases so far. A service fee of $30+gst will be charged to cover labour incurred. Please contact Dan on 021 977 595 if you require the new driver.
    Posted: Thursday 3 November 2022
  • Sony TVs falling offline/cannot be controlled from Control4
    Snap One and Sony are aware that Control4 is losing connection over network connections to Sony TVs. Make sure the TV is on the latest firmware, and enable automatic firmware updates to get the resolution when it is released. Sony has asked to make sure TVs are updated to current firmware so they can track the issue.
    The easiest way to update a Sony TV is with the original Sony remote, entering the setup menu, selecting ABOUT, the software update option should appear.
    Posted: Monday 12 September 2022
  • 2n DS2 Intercom driver update
    DS2 Driver Update v259 Available: The updated DS2 driver provides a number of bug fixes, documentation updates, directory paths for OS 3.3.x support, and the latest DS2 firmware ( Control4 highly recommends this driver update for all Control4 customers on both OS 2.x and 3.x
    Posted: Monday 12 September 2022
  • Apple TV IP control falling offline
    Several years ago the implementation of Apple TV Homekit with Gen4+ Apple TVs forced integrators to use a new Apple TV driver for IP control of Apple TV. This control method has proved unreliable and no resolution is expected. The fix has been to convert Apple TV control back to IR (infrared). Some customers have resorted to using the Apple TV remote app on their iPhones as a workaround. If you believe your site is having Apple TV control issues or you have to reboot your controller every month or so please contact Dan on 021 977 595 to resolve this issue, once it is fixed it will not reappear and you can go back to enjoying entertainment without the headache.
    Posted: Monday 12 September 2022
  • T4 Touchscreen (2021+)  Lockup - How to reset touchscreen
    Factory Restore Instructions

    On the touchscreen’s main screen, tap Settings, System Info, then Factory data reset.

    - OR -

    If the touchscreen has not yet been configured, tap About, then Factory data reset.

    - OR -

    To restore defaults without using the display screen, press and hold the reset pinhole button until “Erasing” appears on the screen.

    The touchscreen will come online by itself if it has been identified with SDDP, if it does not come back online contact your Control4 technician.
    Posted: Monday 12 September 2022