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Lunos eGo Complete Kit with Smart Comfort Control
Lunos eGo Complete Kit with Smart Comfort Control
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ego- with heat recovery

Ventilation with ego in the Bathroom, the WC and the Kitchen:

The ego also operates in accordance with the principle of the regenerative heat exchanger. A storage element is charged with heat as for the e². However, this is so skillfully distributed via two fans so that supply and exhaust air can be transferred simultaneously. A second unit is not required for operation. This system can also be switched in an exhaust air mode in which a very high flow rate of 45 m³/h is discharged in order to enable swift inflow of fresh air into a room (e.g. WC or bathroom).


Highly efficient motors, with the latest EC technology combined with specially balanced fans which have been reworked with regard to fluid mechanics have almost completely eliminated any air noise. This has resulted in low measuring surface sound pressure levels:

Environmentally friendly

e² and ego have a very low power consumption ensuring they are unique in terms of energy efficiency, making an active contribution to environmental protection and at the same time saving you money. The efficiency figures for e² and ego are far below the limits required pursuant to the current DIN 1946-6 for devices of Efficiency Class E.


e² and ego operate in accordance with the well-known principle of the regenerative heat exchanger which has been almost perfected by the Lunos company. The so-called acuvent storage stone is located at the center of the airflow of an EC motor with axial fan. By means of a reversing airflow arising via systematic change of direction of the fan, the ceramic is charged with the thermal energy of the room air and transfers this back to the outside air supplied.


e² and ego are among the smallest de-centralized fans for domestic ventilation with heat recovery in the world. By applying state of the art production processes we have managed to develop compact heat storage of ceramic composite material which provides a mean thermal efficiency of 90.6 or 85 %.


If a LUNOS ventilation system has already been installed, e² and ego can be used in existing outside wall air outlets of the types ALD-R 160. ALD-R 160 with LUNOtherm can only be enhanced with e². The LUNOS e² can also be combined in new constructions with all LUNOtherm elements. On account of its mode of operation, the ego cannot be combined with LUNOtherm facade elements.


e² and ego can be used in new constructions and in redevelopment work. In new constructions, they are installed between the bricks with the aid of a wall rack or installed subsequently e.g. in the case of redevelopment work using a 162 mm large core drill hole. The wall must be at least 30 cm thick.

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