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Theophany Airo Tower
  • Theophany Airo Tower
Theophany Airo Tower
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Airo means to Raise up or elevate. With this model Theophany's goal has been to elevate the music, let it stand out from the speaker and become part of the room.

Three bass woofers not only give outstanding bass extension they also offer unparalleled off axis response which in turn helps the speakers to image better. The new Carbon fibre mid woofer is mounted in a sealed chamber with an exact amount of air that allows the Airo to be more detailed without aggression but with a presence that is so real you feel like you could touch the artist. The tapered shape also lets the new two stage ceramic/silk tweeter breath. Highs are clean and precise and more importantly dispersed evenly across the sound stage.

The tapered shape further improves internal standing waves and external airflow which all aids in the speaker being very transparent and open sounding.

➣27Hz -30kHz

➣91db efficient

➣280W RMS

2019 Airo pictured below

2019 Airo

2023 Airo pictured below

We recommend pairing Airo speakers with the Perreaux 300ix for a perfect end game system.

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