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Theophany Kratos Sub 10
  • Theophany Kratos Sub 10
Theophany Kratos Sub 10"
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Kratos means ‘Power and Dominion’. We believe that when called upon a subwoofer should be able to demonstrate these two attributes.

Utilising our purpose designed high efficiency amplifier. Dual Ports and down firing woofer not only does the Kratos 10 bring a home theatre to life, it is easy to place in a room. The down firing woofer means that bass is disseminated evenly through out the listening environment. When set up correctly it is often hard to tell where the bass is coming from. The Kratos 10 is also very fast due to its driver and cabinet interaction and so is also ideal for music reproduction and can be paired with two main speakers in a hifi system.

The curved cabinet structure eliminates mechanical vibration which generate sound distortion. The shape also eliminates the majority of standing waves which lead to many sound peaks and troughs and less accurate frequency response.

The Kratos 10 will fill small to medium size rooms easily.

➣10” high efficiency long through woofer

➣RCA, LFE and Speaker level inputs available

➣Dual Port

➣Down firing woofer

➣Infinitely variable phase control providing more accurate musical alignment.

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