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Perreaux SR58 Floorstanding Tower 3 Way Speaker
  • Perreaux SR58 Floorstanding Tower 3 Way Speaker
Perreaux SR58 Floorstanding Tower 3 Way HiFi Loudspeaker (Pair)
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The visually imposing, PERREAUX SR58 loudspeakers deliver power and performance for exceptionally accurate sound reproduction. The SR58 is a three way floor-standing ported loudspeaker, capable of controlled, extended deep bass, effortless dynamics and pristine highs. Standing at 1210 cm tall, it features the very best in high-definition, low-distortion drivers housed in a rigid, hand finished and assembled, custom cabinet. Available in a range of real wood veneers and custom painted options. The PERREAUX SR58 looks as good as it sounds.

Designed from the ground up to stand out - not blend in; the SR58 is a truly stunning performer. Built using the finest in precision componentry and beautifully hand-crafted cabinetry the SR58 exudes confidence and style. Available in any colour of your hearts desire - or black

Handcrafted cabinets

Every PERREAUX SR58 loudspeaker cabinet is meticulously crafted and lovingly finished by hand to produce a truly impressive result. During construction each pair of SR58 loud speaker cabinets are precision machined and hand assembled by a team of master craftsmen - then prepared for finishing in a range of real wood veneers or custom hand-painted colours. When complete the cabinet feet, drivers, electronics and rear binding post panels are assembled, fitted and fully tested ready for final inspection and delivery.

Rigid cabinet design

The robust 25mm thick, rigid, highly damped and internally-braced high-density MDF floor-standing enclosure provides excellent mechanical stability that ensures accurate driver response and control of cabinet resonances. The resulting sound is powerful, accurate, and highly detailed with rich, deep lows, sweet, detailed mids and sparkling highs.

Wiring options

The precision rear binding post panel of the PERREAUX SR58 loudspeaker has been designed and engineered to provide the maximum available connection and powering options. Individual access to the tweeter, mid range and low frequency woofer drivers allow simple operation using a single pair of speaker cables, or alternately Bi or Tri wiring options are accommodated. The SR58s can be powered by a single power amplifier or the individual drivers powered by separate, multiple power amplifiers.

High definition tweeter

The lightweight Sonomex fabric dome Tweeter driver provides the PERREAUX SR58 loudspeaker with an accurate, detailed high frequency response, producing a crisp, bell-like performance.

Low distortion drivers

The SR58's twin high-performance midrange and low frequency bass drivers both feature lightweight copper clad aluminium wire (CCAW) voice coils that generate precise, low-distortion signals with excellent transient response.

MTM configuration

The MTM driver configuration, pioneered by D'Appolito to correct lobe tilting inherent in conventional mid-tweeter configurations, controls vertical sound dispersion – greatly reducing ceiling and floor reflections, providing a sonic response that is wide, engaging and accurate.

Audiophile crossover

The linearity and ultra-low distortion of the SR58's low-loss Air-core inductors, teamed with the low inductance and linear impedance characteristics of the audiophile-grade polypropylene capacitors, provide the SR58's internal crossovers with a powerful, clean and pure, low-loss audio signal.

Rugged reliability

Mechanical strength, reliability and longevity have for generations remained the hallmarks of PERREAUX's award-winning amplifier and loudspeaker designs. The PERREAUX SR58 loudspeaker furthers that enviable reputation in a rugged, high-power, high-performance, three-way floor-standing loudspeaker. Order yours for life.
Speaker System:
The SR58 are a 3-way bass reflex tower loudspeaker.
Available Finishes:
The PERREAUX SR58 loudspeakers are available in a wide selection of real wood veneers and custom hand-painted finishes. In any colour of your hearts desire, or black; stand-out or blend-in with the PERREAUX SR58.
Frequency Range:
27Hz – 20 KHz, at 6db
Frequency Response:
33Hz – >20 KHz, at ±2.5dB
4Ω nominal, according to IEC 268-5 3.3Ω minimum
LF: System:
89.6dB SPL, at 1V/1m | 93.2dB SPL, at 2.83V/1m 87.0dB SPL, at 1V/1m | 90.0dB SPL, at 2.83V/1m
Crossover Frequencies:
650Hz and 2950Hz
Recommended Amplifiers:
Suitable for pairing with the PERREAUX 255i / 300iX stereo integrated amplifiers or 350 power amplifier. May also be used with other power amplifiers nominally rated between 150 - 400 Watts RMS @ 8 Ohms
Recommended Cables:
Max recommended cable resistance 0.15 Ohms 15 metres 4mm 10 metres 2.5mm


Width: Depth: Height:
280mm 460mm 1210mm
Packed crate dimensions 1255mm x 545mm x 465mm High. 0.32m3 Packed weight per crate 152kg

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