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Perlisten R4b Reference Bookshelf Speaker
  • Perlisten R4b Reference Bookshelf Speaker
Perlisten R4b Reference Bookshelf Speaker (Pair)
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The R-series bookshelf is a culmination of S-series patented technology with materials developed from the ground up in every part of the design just like it’s big brothers.   The R4b can be the heart of any 2.1 system, LCR for a small theater, or Surrounds using a complete no holds barred R-series system.  Silky smooth, loads of dynamic range, and great transient response.  Hallmarks of a Perlisten speaker.

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Designed to be mounted on optional stand, or mounted to a wall with our tilt swivel bracket. Sharing “trickle-down” technology from our flagship S-Series, the DPC-Array here based on three 26mm domes, guarantees excellent directivity control and timbre matching with all R-Series speakers. The Silk diaphragms developed ground up, chosen specifically their smooth, effortless representation of midrange and treble. The 165mm woofer is made from our proprietary HPF pulp, two years in development, bringing new technology to one of the oldest materials used in loudspeaker design. The R4b is great for mains in a smaller room or part of 2.1 systems as well as a timbre matched option as surround for larger R-Series based home cinemas.


With home theater, sound is everything. Crisp clean audio drives the emotional depth, texture and immediacy envisioned by the artist. THX Certified Loudspeakers pass hundreds of lab tests to guarantee precisely this level of performance every time.

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Enclosure alignment 3-way acoustic suspension
Driver compliment DPC Array:
26mm(3) Silk dome
165mm HPF diaphragm
Sensitivity 84.6dB / 2.83v / 1.0m
Impedance 4Ω nominal / 3.8Ω min
Response Linearity 80 - 20kHz +/-1.5dB window
Frequency Response (-10dB) 45 - 32kHz
Typical In Room bass extension 38Hz
Dimensions (HxWxD) 382 x 230 x 236mm
15.0 x 9.0 x 9.3"
Weight 9.5 kg (20.9 lbs.)
Recommended Amplifier Power 50 - 200W RMS
SPL capability @1m (100-20kHz) 107.6dB peak <3% - 2nd, 3rd Harmonics
Certification THX Ultra

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