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LINN-530-SYSTEM  Linn Series 5 System
LINN-530-SYSTEM Linn Series 5 System
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530 System

Exquisite tailoring and precision engineering come together perfectly in this compact and customisable music system.

The more powerful system in Series 5, the 530 System features speakers with a Linn Isobarik bass system, adding incredible bass without the bulk of conventional speakers. Together with the Akurate network music player, the system will stream all your digital music in stunning Linn quality, while also letting you connect all your other music sources.


Linn 530 speakers

530 Speakers

With its custom-designed drive units and Isobarik bass system, the 530 Speakers let you experience incredible musical accuracy with an energy that really lets the music flow.

Customise the look and place them where they fit best in your room — Space Optimisation+ takes care of optimising the sound for your room's characteristics and chosen speaker location.

Power and intelligence built-in

Linn's innovative integrated speakers have power and intelligence built-in. A specially designed module, suspension-mounted on the back of each speaker, houses the powerful amps and Exakt electronics that optimise performance. Now you don't need lots of hi-fi separates to make great sound.

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Create your own look

Select your Fabrik cover, top plate and stand to personalise your speakers. With so many colours and textiles to choose from, and designer collections like Timorous Beasties, there's a look to complement any interior.

Fancy a change? All Linn Fabrik covers, tops and stands are available separately so you can refresh the look as often as you like.

Black Base
Blueberry Linn Fabrik
Linn Badge


Linn Collection

Network Player

Linn Akurate Exakt DSM network music player

Akurate Exakt DSM

Browse your digital music library, stream online music and video and hear movie soundtracks, all in exceptional detail. This Akurate network music player connects to virtually any music or audio source in your home and plays it flawlessly.

Housed in the specially designed acoustic enclosure, every source is screened and protected from noise, ensuring the speakers receive the highest quality signal, whether you're streaming your favourite playlist or connecting your turntable to one of the 13 inputs.

Perfect streaming to your speakers

Featuring Linn's DS streaming technology and a range of inputs to connect anything in your living room, every musical performance is perfectly transmitted to the speakers using Linn's Exakt Link lossless connection.

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Space Optimisation
Space Optimisation
Integrated Exakt Module
Integrated Exakt Modules
Layered Composite Cabinet
Precisely Crafted Cabinets
Isobarik Bass
Isobarik Bass System
Lin Fabrik
Linn Fabrik
Custom Designed Drive Units
Custom-Designed Drive Units

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