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U-Spin Record Browser
  • U-Spin Record Browser
U-Spin Record Browser
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The U-Spin; a fantastic revolving record storage system manufactured from great looking, strong 20mm bamboo panels.  Sanded and oiled to a silky finish.

This is great news for folk with large collections, you can save covering all your walls with record storage shelves.

The U-Spin is only 680mm (27 inches) square at the base. Each storage bay can hold approximately 65 LP’s. A 5-layer high unit stands 1830mm high and  will store approximately 1300 LP’s. A heavy duty  mechanism makes revolving the system easy.

The units are purchased per layer and can be assembled up to 5 layers high. This size will have a weight of about 400kg (880 pounds) so make sure it is placed in a suitable spot.

They can be transported flat-packed and assembled in under an hour.

Sold per level, this item is the first level and carousel base.

New Zealand Made.

Assembly Instructions

When you screw  the metal dowels into the small holes into the bamboo be careful you do NOT OVERTIGHTEN!


Just screw them down until the small raised collar hits the bamboo.


The #2 size Philips is perfect for the metal dowels


Don't tighten the CAM's until everything is in place. There is a wee trick to do to make sure everything fits together.


After fitting the central cross pieces (and they only fit one way) in you have to lift them slightly for the smaller side pieces to fit into place as shown in one of the attached pictures.


Also the CAM's need to be tightened with either a #3 Philips or Pozi Drive screwdriver  or a large FLAT HEAD screwdriver.  


The common #2 size Philips will not grip them properly and will slip out. It is not big enough.


Also a rubber mallet will be handy to tap the bamboo pieces if they are a bit tight. Don't use a normal steel hammer as it will damage the bamboo.

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