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Atoll PR300 Signature Stereo Preamplifier
  • Atoll PR300 Signature Stereo Preamplifier
Atoll PR300 Signature Stereo Preamplifier
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PR300 Signature
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The PR300 Signature belongs to the range of preamplifiers and power amplifiers offered by ATOLL. This preamplifier represents the modularity and the power that ATOLL wants to put forward: a wide range of combinations and a considerable source of improvements. . Its double pair of Pre-out allows to easily combine a power amplifier and a subwoofer.

  • 4 mm brushed aluminium front.
  • Monitoring loop.
  • 8 mm brushed aluminium front.
  • 340 VA toroidal transformer.
  • Total of capacitors: 62 000 µF.
  • Specific low-consumption 5 VA power supply for the digital stages.
  • Filtering capacitors: 8×6800 μF high quality, low ESR specific for ATOLL.
  • 2 volume attenuators: 1 per channel to maintain the dual mono architecture.
  • Low consumption OLED display.
  • Shielded MKP Mundorf capacitors.
  • Possibility to adjust and store the balance.
  • Balanced discrete component audio stages.
  • MKP Technology Link Capacitors.
  • Toroidal transformers.
  • Double-sided circuit boards with nickel/gold finish.
  • BY-PASS input.
  • 2 analogue preamp outputs.
  • Optional DAC board: same as included in IN300.
  • Optional PHONO boards: P50 or P100, can be combined with the DAC board.
  • 12V Trigger output.
  • ATOLL global remote control delivered as standard.




  • 5 Audio inputs (RCA): AUX (or optional P50 / P100 phono stage), CD, TUNER, DVD, TAPE (IN + OUT).
  • 1 BY-PASS input (used as a power amplifier).


  • 2 Line preamp outputs (for bi-amplification or to connect a subwoofer).
  • 1 Trigger output (12V).
  • 1 Output jack for headphones Ø 6,35 mm.


Phono card on the AUX input (your choice):

P100 (configurable MM or MC).

P50 (MM).


Digital Card (your choice):


2 Coaxial inputs (24 bits/192 kHz).

2 Optical inputs (24 bits/192 kHz).

1 Bluetooth receiver.

1 USB-B input: PCM & DSD.



2 Coaxial inputs (24 bits/192 kHz).

2 Optical inputs (24 bits/192 kHz).

Important: Using the USB input of the optional DAC board requires downloading a specific driver for Windows computers. This can be downloaded below. This driver is not necessary under MAC and Linux.



Power supply: 340 VA
Total of capacitors: 62 000 µF
Number of inputs: 5+1 BY-PASS
Bandwidth: 5 Hz – 100 kHz
Rising time: 1,5 µs
Input impedance: 220 kΩ
Sensitivity: 500 mV
Signal/Noise ratio: 100 dB
Distortion at 1 kHz: 0,005%
Dimensions: 440×304×95 mm
Weight: 9 Kg

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