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Atoll DAC300 DAC Converter
  • Atoll DAC300 DAC Converter
Atoll DAC300 DAC Converter
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The converter DAC300 has been implemented to offer you the best of your favourite music. The combination of the SABRE ES9038PRO converter, renowned for its musicality, and the feedback-free audio stages designed specifically by our design office, make this device the flagship of the converter range. The secret: the analogue signal processing stages, the power supplies (transformers, filtering, regulation), the digital signal processing before conversion, and the quality of the key components: clocks, transistors, capacitors, etc..

  • 8 mm brushed aluminium front.
  • 3 independent very low noise linear transformers (including 2 reserved for the audio line).
  • SABRE ES9038PRO Converter (32 bits/768 kHz):
             – Dynamic: 137 dB.
             – THD at 1 kHz (0 dBF): -122 dB.
             – Signal/Noise ratio: 132 dB.
  • SABRE ES9311EQ power supply with very low noise (<1 μVrms).
  • Separate digital and stage line power supplies.
  • Ultra-high precision low jitter clock.
  • Asynchronous USB-B input can convert PCM up to 768 kHz and DSD64, 128, 256 and 512 (XMOS USB interface with a specific program designed for ATOLL).

  • Volume management by disengageable converter (BY-PASS ON or OFF).
  • Unbalanced and balanced output lines.
  • 12 independent voltage regulations.
  • Symmetrical power supply of the audio output stages (low noise transformers).
  • ESA series CLARITY CAP audio MKP link capacitors.
  • High-frequency capacitors with silver mica technology.
  • Output stages with discrete components, without feedback, polarized in class A.
  • Specific transformer for digital stages.
  • Standard ATOLL global remote control.

Type of files read:

S/PDIF inputs can support PCM up to 192 kHz.
USB-B can convert PCM up to 768 kHz and DSD64, 128, 256 and 512.
(This performance may vary depending on the software or operating systems of the USB source).


9 Digital Inputs

  • 3 Coaxial.
  • 3 Toslink optics.
  • 1 AES/EBU.
  • 1 Bluetooth®.
  • 1 USB-B.

2 Digital Outputs

  • 1 Coaxial and 1 optical.

3 Line Outputs

  • 1 Stereo unbalanced RCA.
  • 1 Balanced stereo XLR.
  • 1 Headphone jack Ø 3,5 mm.

View the standard for XLR connector wiring.


Important: Using the USB input of the optional DAC board requires downloading a specific driver for Windows computers. This can be downloaded below. This driver is not necessary under MAC and Linux.




Power supply: 2×10 VA + 10 VA
Total of capacitors: 20,030 μF
Frequency response: 5 Hz – 20 kHz
Converter: ES9038PRO
Dynamic: 137 dB
THD at 1 kHz (0 dBF): -122 dB
Signal-to-noise ratio: 132 dB
Output level: Maximum line: 2,25 Vrms
Output level: Maximum XLR: 2,25 Vrms
Dimensions: 440×308×63 mm
Weight: 5 kg

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