Grandview MICRO Pull Up Screen - 40" (4:3) - Manual Screens

Grandview MICRO Pull Up Screen - 40
Grandview MICRO Pull Up Screen - 40" (4:3) Image size 815 x 610mm, casing 905mm, 1.2kg
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The Grandview GRUC040V is a self standing, manual pull up projector screen, and is a great alternative to the traditional tripod screen.

• Screen occupies a smaller footprint on the floor - ideal for smaller meeting rooms or where you want to put the screen up against a wall.

• Screen is smoothly pulled up from the casing and is supported at the back by an innovative scissor design.

• This unique design maintains screen flatness. Available up to 100" in 4:3 aspect ratio.

• The casing is stabilised by feet that swivel outwards from the casing. These feet are self-levelling - ideal for uneven floors.

• Quick and easy to raise and lower.

• There is a lockable handle built into the casing, making it easy to carry.

• Lightweight and very easy to transport.

• Projection surface is Plana R.

• Casing is black.

Product Code Diagonal Size (in) Aspect Ratio Image Size w x h (mm) Casing Width w x h x d (mm) Max Height (mm) Borders (mm) Shipping Size Net Weight (kg)
 GRUC040V 40"  4:3  815 x 610  905 x 40 x 55  690  20  960 x 90 x 80  1.2


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