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Pro-Ject X8 Evolution Turntable
  • Pro-Ject X8 Evolution Turntable
Pro-Ject HiFi Turntable
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True Balanced

The X8 is the first Pro-Ject turntable that utilises their new True Balanced Connection. Using one of the new True Balanced phono cables wired to a Phono Box S3 B, Phono Box DS3 B, Phono Box RS or Phono Box RS2 you'll be able to hear every ounce of detail that your moving coil cartridge produces. Utilising a fully balanced signal from a moving coil cartridge ensures that none of the information from the record grooves is lost, and that the noise floor and any audible interference is reduced to an absolute minimum.

Trickle Down Tech

The X8 takes a number of design cues from its high-end siblings, the Xtension9 and Xtension10. It features an ultra low-resonance mass-loaded MDF chassis, 9cc carbon fibre tonearm, and height-adjustable machined aluminium feet which decouple the turntable from the surface on which it's placed.

The Platter and Bearing Assembly

The X8 offers a heavy, TPE damped mass-loaded platter which is lathed from a single aluminium block. Meanwhile underneath the platter, a neodymium magnet offers opposing force to decrease the load on the ceramic-tipped bearing, ensuring outstandingly consistent playback of your favourite LPs.

Precision Control

The chassis houses a sophisticated DC/AC generator board which, combined with the convenient speed control board, delivers clean and stable power to the quiet-running motor. Switching speeds is controlled with the simple touch of a button.

  • 'True balanced' 5-pin connection for a noiseless, pure audio signal with optional 5P to XLR cable upgrade
  • Massive 5.1kg mass-loaded platter lathed from a single block of aluminium
  • 9CC Evo carbon tonearm with internal damping and TPE damped counterweight
  • Ceramic tipped, magnetically supported inverted bearing for perfect speed stability
  • Button-controlled precision speed switching with built in speed control
  • Height-adjustable machined aluminium feet with TPE damping

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