Goldring Extatic Anti-Static Record Sleeve (25pk) - Record Cleaning and Storage

Goldring Extatic Anti-Static Record Sleeve (25pk)
Goldring Extatic Record Sleeves

Protect your records from dust with a pack of Goldring Exstatic record sleeves, they neutralizes static charge and protect from air born particles and dust, thus reducing pops and crackles.
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Most records are positively charged with static electricity. This positive charge attracts dust and grime to the disc groove, resulting in clicks, crackle and unwanted surface noises and also accelerates deterioration of the stylus. These sleeves safely protect the disc inside the outer sleeve, reducing the positive charge, thereby releasing the dust.

With ordinary unlined paper sleeves the act of removing the record will leave it negatively charged with static electricity.  Static not only attracts dust but also produces unwanted crackle and surface noise.

Goldring Exstatic anti-static record sleeves with their specially formulated polyethylene liner prevent the formation of harmful static charges and help keep your records free from dust.

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